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We have 180 degrees changed the traditional image of foundries. Our Eco-friendly Clean Foundry is unanimously health-conscious.
Kimura Foundry Co., Ltd. Omaezaki Foundry, Omaezaki Pattern shop

The Kimura Group's early attention on the gFull Mold Casting processh and our continuous pioneering research led to success in the industrialization of foundry products at an early stage in Japan. We did not stick to the conventional casting method. We established our own exclusive casting method that could not be found in other casting companies in the industry. By utilizing the leading digital technology, we developed a high production system along with our original techniques in order to provide better customer service. We also managed to introduce the most innovative non-pollution facilities. In April 1988, the Omaezaki Plant (Shizuoka Prefecture) commenced its operation in the aim of becoming a new generation foundry that is environmentally friendly to people and to nature. It was established in compliance with global environmental standards. Our outstanding management system consequently led to the establishment of clean foundry environment which completely changed the image of conventional foundry. We received ISO 9001 certification, which is the International Standard Quality Management Systems, together with the Lloyd's quality assurance. We also obtained ISO 14001 certification which acknowledges the foundry's compliance with the requirements of local and global environmental management systems. We, the Kimura Group, will continue to pursue the highest and cleanest production environment as we have already demonstrated at our model Omaezaki Plant.

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