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OSHMS Policy
The Kimura Group manufactures various casting products and supplies them to users. In manufacturing of these products, we put our basic philosophy on gsafety before production" where each one of our employees focuses on the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases. Moreover, in order to maintain employee health and safety, we work on the advancement of work environment on regular basis.
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Omaezaki Plant
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Kimura Chuzosho Co., Ltd.
Gunma Pattern Shop
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Kimura Chuzosho Co., Ltd.
Gunma Plant

Guideline of Conduct
1. Activate the safety and health activities and with the cooperation of employees, we shift our goal from gNo accident" to gNo hazard".
2. Spread and establish the consciousness towards the compliance of safety and health related regulations as well as the company policies.
3. In order to develop the safety and health activities, we intend to continuously enforce and apply OSHMS while pursuing new and effective activities.
1 To exterminate hazardous and harmful factors, we drive forward the risk assessment.
2 To improve the work environment, we promote the 5S activities.
3 To develop the common information system as well as the safety consciousness, we promote gvisualization".
4 Thoroughly organize the documentations on safety work procedures as well as the guiding education on site.
5 To ensure the safety review, we thoroughly promote the action to make certain of elements by pointing at them one by one.

These guidelines on safety and health are to be publicly announced.

February 23, 2011
Akihide Kimura
Kimura Group
Safety and Health General Manager
Kimura Chuzosho Co., Ltd.
Senior Executive Managing Director

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