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The ingenious idea and the flexible imagination are continuously advancing Kimura's R&D activities toward the future

Future casting technology must explore variations and their practical uses. Flexible ideas and imagination are essential to achieve this. KIMURA has established a Development Department and is engaged in thoroughly researching improvements in quality and in developments of new products. This approach has enabled us to introduce positive techniques in the casting industry which used to depend only on workers' experience and good sense. The results of these research outcomes are fed back to our foundries. Through this process, we have created very high standards of casting technology that other casting companies cannot match.

Information about these achievements was made available to various fields including foundries societies, thereby playing an important role in the innovation in technology in the casting industry, not only locally, but also globally. We at KIMURA look to the future. We will continue to up-to-date and implement our research and, in the process, build closer relations and establish parallel research structures with industry, government and universities.

Excellent Paper Award at The 64th World Foundry Congress (WFC)
Analysis & scanning electronic microscope(SEM)

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