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New Material Series

New material cast iron series with as yet unknown potential in this field are delivered using highly skillful alloying design. Alternative casting materials to steel and new wear resistant materials are being developed. KIMURA basic research leads the casting industry world. Tel: +81-55-975-7050
KSCD-800I Spheroidal graphite cast iron

press die, abrasion resistant parts, heat resistant parts

good hardenability, abrasion resistance, heat resistance, no plating

KSCD-800IS High toughness spheroidal graphite cast iron

press die, cutting edge, bending edge

good hardenability, high toughness, good weldability

KMD-800K Spheroidal graphite cast iron with reduced inner defects

thick castings, plastics molding die, substitute for steel products

refined nodular graphite , high strength

thick casting, surface plate, heat press molding die

high machinability

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