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New Material Series
New Technique Series

KIMURA's new techniques widen the applications of casting including compounded materials of iron castings and ductile cast iron with high strength and toughness. These are the new, undreamt of series of manufacturing methods coming from the challenges that KIMURA has faced and continues to face. Tel: +81-55-975-7050

cooling for sliding surfaces of machine tools, cooling for plastics mold dies

composite castings with enveloped cooling pipe

machine tools, abrasion resistant parts

partially composite castings produced by melting and joining steel with liquid cast iron

High strength & toughness ductile cast iron (Nobi-Duc)
structural parts for die-casting, press die, industrial machine
- new ductile cast iron of 2-layer structure
- excellent in the notch effect
- the same strength and toughness as cast steel
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